Generate income from advisory

Your clients are not interested in graphs or trends. They want you to help them improve their business through value added advice!

Cash Flow Story for Accountants

If you want to develop successful and profitable advisory services within your practise, you need to embrace an element of business coaching. We have spoken with accountants, advisors and coaches all over the world, and the coaching mindset has proven itself to be the most consistently successful and profitable when it comes to business improvement.

Understanding the code

The Power of One

Cash Flow Story can help you, as an accountant, by making it incredibly easy to engage with your clients. Over the web, or in person, have a "Power of One" meeting where you will show them how to improve their business. By that we mean more profitable, better cash flow and ultimately increased value of their business. It is to justify value-based fees after you have shown your client how to improve their business.

The Power of One is the DNA of your business

Keep it simple

We remove accounting jargon and use terms that simply "make sense". Trust us, your clients will love you for it.

Driving improvement

Cash Flow Story is designed to help drive continuous improvement through quarterly "Power of One" meetings.

With less than 10 minutes work, I was showing my client their financial story on my iPad... my client loved it

The "penny drop" moment...

How many times have you suggested strategies to help clients only to be ignored? This can be so frustrating!

If your client seems to have no interest in making changes, it is may simply be that they do not understand their numbers the way you do. We have put in a LOT of work in Cash Flow Story to help you tell the story in a way they will not only understand, but come back to you for more!

Cash Flow Story has been carefully crafted to show the relationships between various drivers and highlight how these sensitive outcomes can make their business easier to operate and manage.

Cash Flow Story helps you create that "Oh I get it now!" moment in your conversation as you see your client understand just how valuable your advice is.


Take a business with a Price:Volume relationship of 4:1

With a few simple clicks, you can demonstrate how they would have to work 4 times harder to generate the same cash flow.

Improve your practise with high margin, profitable & satisfying work.
Your clients will love you, creating extra stickiness with the value you are adding.

How do we do this?

This is what successful advisors do

Establish quarterly Power of One meetings with your client. In this meeting, you will quickly review the performance, continuously drive improvement via the Power of One and project the next quarter. This will take you approximately half an hour.

Successful advisors create rhythm by engaging with their clients on a regular basis. This enables them to generate ongoing revenues while increasing stickiness with their clients.

I have used Cash Flow Story for my smaller business clients right through to my larger business clients – every client has walked away with a greater understanding of their position and with a clear direction on what areas of their business they are going to work on.

Cash Flow Story is world class software that helps you improve Profit, Cash Flow & Value in your clients business

Engage your clients

Use Cash Flow Story in person, or over a webinar and show your client the "code of their business".

Drive improvement

If you can show your client how to improve their Profit & Cash Flow, you are adding value as a true, trusted advisor.

Generate income

Advisory should be income generating for you. If you can show your clients how to improve their Profit & Cash Flow, it is easy to justify your fees.

Proven success

Our accounting users all over the world are using Cash Flow Story and seeing great success. You can do it too. You have the skills, the clients and the knowledge. You have got everything you need except Cash Flow Story. Cash Flow Story is simple software that helps you deliver your Power of One conversation. Change your thinking from compliance based charge by the hour, embrace business advisory, it is really that easy.

What's next...

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