Cash Flow Story – What are your numbers telling you?

Your Cash Flow Story Scorecard produces an automated financial health check on your business, ensuring everyone looks at your numbers in the same way…. whether you are a business owner/manager an advisor or banker.

Using powerful processes such as the Power of One, the 4 Chapters and the Big 3 Cash Flow measures the Scorecard will enable you to understand your financial story and improve the performance of your business.

Taking less than 10 minutes to setup, this unique web based Scorecard will deliver powerful analysis of your numbers in an easy to understand format.  The Scorecard will bring your numbers to life and enable you to measure the financial impact of your decisions in advance.


CFS Business

With our business version you can:

  • See your financial story unfold
  • Gain valuable insight into your cash flow
  • Understand what your business is worth
  • Access your story from anywhere
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CFS Advisor

With our advisor version you can:

  • Guide your clients through their financial story
  • Drive improvements to your client’s performance
  • Go from setup to meaningful analysis in under 10 minutes
  • Discuss the story over a coffee on your tablet/iPad
  • Become a financial story teller
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At a glance

Pay attention to the right areas.  Hone in on your critical results


Easy to use…

Web-based, tablet and ipad ready.  Understand your business anywhere!


Fast Results

Less than 10 minutes to get started and learn about your business


Intuitive help…

Read ‘the story’ to fully understand your story.