How does CFS Advisor work?

Step 1

Minimum data entry required

Using CFS Advisor is incredibly simple, it takes less than 10 minutes to setup a client.  Grab the last 2 years Accounts and simply input a few key numbers into the Scorecard. You will need to input between 4 and 8  Profit & Loss numbers and a maximum of 11 numbers from the Balance Sheet and in less than 10 minutes you will be ready to show your client their financial story.

Loading is so simple that everyone in your practice will input the numbers the same way, ensuring consistent results no matter who inputs the data.

Step 2

Become a Financial Storyteller

Visit your client, use your iPad or Tablet and walk them through a series of up to 9 screens of graphs and tables that will tell them the financial story of their business. The simplicity of loading the data ensure that you will look at all your clients in a consistent manner. Smart screen designs enable you to match the level of your storytelling with your client’s knowledge level. Detailed help explains each graph and table to ensure you become a better storyteller:

  • Explain why their Profit differs from their Cash Flow – and how to improve both
  • Show them what their business is worth – and how to improve its value
  • Explain their Working Capital Cycle and the impact on their Cash Flow
  • Show their Power of One – indicate what a 1% improvement will do to their Profit, Cash Flow and Business Value

Step 3

Improve their business

As the financial storyteller you will be in a strong position to assist your clients to develop strategies to improve their business. You will be to show the impact that changes to the key drivers of their business such as Price and Volume will have not only on Profit and Cash Flow but also on the Value of their business.

You will be able to select which screens you wish to email to your client in a colourful pdf, and even allow selected clients to access their own scorecards online.

Imagine being able to show a client the effect of decisions they make before they implement them…Imagine knowing how a decision they make will effect their Cash Flow…..

CFS Advisor is available for you on the internet, on your iPad or Android…24/7 making you a financial storyteller.

Click here to download the sample Rebecca’s Coffee PDF report

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