The Story Behind Cash Flow Story

Our Story, Your Success

Cash Flow Story is based on the successful financial story telling techniques developed over the last 25 years by our founders Alan Miltz and Joss Milner.  As qualified Chartered Accountants, both Alan and Joss continually found themselves trying to explain what the numbers meant to business owners & managers, advisors and bankers. They found that most people rarely looked past the first chapter of their financial story; The Profit Story,  leaving the rest of the financial story unread.

At Cash Flow Story, our story is in telling your story.  We love telling the story behind your numbers in the simplest way possible.  So we took techniques and concepts developed by Alan and Joss and turned them into the Cash Flow Story Scorecard.  These techniques are currently in use by over 20,000 people in 22 countries, including over 300 banks, 2,000 CPA firms and many thousands of businesses, so we know they work!

We are excited to share these techniques and concepts with you through our innovative online scorecard called Cash Flow Story or CFS for short.  With less than 10 minutes to setup, you will soon be reading the whole story about your business over a coffee and well on your way to improving the value of your business.


Our Objectives…

  • To enable businesses to improve their cash flow and grow the value of their business
  • To create a global standard by which Business Leaders and Advisors review financial performance
  • To enable businesses to view the financial impact of decisions in advance
  • To communicate the financial story to non-financial people



Joss Milner

Alan Miltz

Alan Miltz